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Toast Post: Hello World

I am Toast. This is my post. Occasionally my daddy leaves his MacBook sitting out and I’ve decided to take advantage of his error to utilize this device to communicate with the outside world. Although my typing skills are limited,

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THE FOURTH MONKEY Giveaway! Win a Hardcover – Grand Prize = 1 Draft Copy! #4MK

I’ve got a little book coming out on June 27th called, The Fourth Monkey. If you’re reading this page, there is a good chance you’ve already bought it. If not, you can pre-order here. How would you like to own

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The Fourth Monkey is heading to the screen!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE J.D. Barker’s debut thriller THE FOURTH MONKEY, pitched as Se7en meets Silence of the Lambs – when a notorious serial killer is hit by a bus while delivering his signature message, a detective has days to locate

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The Fourth Monkey PRE-ORDER Contest! #4MK

“You need to understand what I’ve done.”   Want a copy of the letter 4MK sends to police? Just complete this form with your purchase info: Your entry will automatically be entered in the Draft Copy Giveaway! Preorders receive double

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