J.D. Barker

J.D. Barker’s short story, Of the Lake, appears in the anthology Ancient Enemies – Available Now


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For millennia, they have watched us from the shadows, creatures we thought were nothing more than fantasy, or nightmare. Now they are here, among us, stalking us within the pages of this book. Vampires, Werewolves, the undead, and more. Our oldest foes, humanity’s Ancient Enemies.
Allow us to escort you through eleven stories by some of today’s newest voices within horror. But stay close, we cannot guarantee your safety.

by J. Nichole Parkins
A chance purchase at an antique store. A peevish djinn bound by an ancient curse. A lovesick college girl and three wishes. What could possibly go wrong?

by Mikey Campling
Jen and Matt are spending what should be a relaxing weekend at the coast, but they have become the unwitting focus of an ancient force. Are its intentions good, or does it have darker plans for these two young lovers?

by Adam Vine
Looking for a night of fun, Paul thinks he has hit the jackpot when he is invited to hook-up with Linda. But this beautiful young woman is not what she seems, not what she seems at all.

by L. Marshall James
It was supposed to be a simple interview, but Will Utrecht is about to learn the awful truth about the billionaire subject of his next story… and it’s a truth that will change the world.

by Stant Litore
Sometimes the horror we perpetrate against our fellow humans is greater than any monster we can imagine… sometimes.

by Luke Hartwick
Imprisoned within a building, the infected pass their days playing board games while their memories slowly fade. Their self-appointed father figure keeps everyone alive and safe, at least until the serum runs out.

by J. D. Barker
Gavin thinks he just got lucky. The beautiful woman he’s going home with tonight is simply out of this world.

by Paul Antony Jones
Not all evil in the concentration camp at Dachau wears a uniform. Young Anyanka Jedynak is about to find out there is a deeper, darker wickedness exploiting the camp’s unfortunate souls.

by Adam Vine
We’ve all heard the stories of the Lich King waiting in his labyrinth Castle-Under-The-Mountain for those foolish heroes who think they can get the better of him. But those were just stories, this is the truth. Come closer, please.

by Mikey Campling
Temple Ashton seems like the quintessential sleepy English village, but as the full moon rises, American tourist Marcus Sutcliffe is about to find out that looks can be very, very deceiving.

by L. Marshall James
Greed, it’s been the death of better men. But who is to say that our lust for power and wealth ends with our final breath?


hybridTyler was a killer. He left more than a dozen bodies in his wake as he hitched across the country toward Los Angeles.

With the sweltering heat of Nevada’s desert beating down, sweat pouring from his skin, he slowly trudged away each mile of Route 582 waiting for his next victim to happen upon him. When a silver sports car appears out of nowhere, a grin edges his lips. Its beautiful driver offers him a ride, unaware it may just be her last kind act.

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Praise for Hybrid:

“Brilliant Story! Gave me chills!” – Erin Kelly Booth

Of The Lake

ofthelakeWhen Gavin first noticed her watching him from across the bar, he thought she must have been looking at someone else – someone attractive, someone outgoing, someone girls as beautiful as her flirted with in places like this. She wasn’t though, she was looking at him. And when she asked him to leave with her, he could only say yes. He would have followed her anywhere, done anything.

How far would you go?

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