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Did I make a no-no? Did one of my characters just check the safety on his .38 (something Mr. Deaver was kind enough to point out .38s do not have). Did I reference the fifty-eighth floor on a famous landmark that only has forty floors?  Did you find the word “at” in my text when it should have said “an”? Is one of my characters taking a schizophrenia medication to treat allergies? A dog should have four legs, unless of course the character calls for a three-legged dog.

If you found an error, this is the place to report it. Just drop me a line with the form below. Be sure to include the book title, chapter, and page number (unless it’s one of those newfangled eBooks) so we can fix it before somebody else stumbles over the mistake and trips on their way to the novel’s no doubt riveting conclusion.

Just want to say hi? You can do that here too. I love to hear from readers; unless, of course, you are a deranged stalker. If that’s the case, please go directly to my agent’s house. I suggest you bring a gift. She likes chocolate. Lamp shades made of human skin are frowned upon and she doesn’t have the space for them in that cluttered NY dwelling of hers. Perhaps a puppy? Everybody likes puppies.