The GoodReads Choice Awards 2017 and THE FOURTH MONKEY by J.D. Barker #4MK

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I’ll be the first to admit, it’s a little early. GoodReads typically doesn’t open the voting process until November but hey, with a Baby Barker on the way in September, who knows when I’ll get another chance to talk about this. THE FOURTH MONKEY is kicking some butt. Development of the TV show over at CBS is in full swing. The sequel, THE FIFTH TO DIE, has been scheduled for release next year. I’ve started the final book in the series, titled…

…well, maybe I’ll keep that under wraps for now.

What are the GoodReads Choice Awards?

It’s the only major award decided solely by readers, organized by THE site for readers. Last year marked the largest contest to date with more than two million votes cast in 20 different categories including fiction, mystery & thriller, fantasy, horror, humor, YA… all that is required to vote is to be registered as a member of the GoodReads network. If you still aren’t a part of this flourishing community of people who love reading and discovering new books, the GoodReads Choice Awards is the best reason to join!

The voting schedule will probably look something like this –
Opening Round Nov. 1 – 6
Semifinal Round Nov. 8 – 13
Final Round Nov. 15 – 27

Why am I bugging you with all this now?

Before the voting process starts, books are nominated. For a book to get nominated, it must first get noticed. With over 300 FIVE-STAR reviews in just the first few weeks of release, THE FOURTH MONKEY is well on its way to being noticed but I want it to REALLY get noticed. On GoodReads, that happens with lists. There are lists for all kinds of books and topics – THE FOURTH MONKEY is already on many of them, including Most Anticipated Novels of 2017, now it needs to climb to the top of those lists. For that, I need your help. If you’ve read this book and you believe this book should get noticed, should get nominated, please take a moment to click on the link below and vote for it on the various lists where it appears. It’s already #1 on many of them, think we can get it to #1 on all of them? We’ve got the numbers. I’d be willing to bet we can. Can you spare a minute or two?


Already read THE FOURTH MONKEY? This part is really important – be sure you placed it on your GoodReads THRILLER shelf. This helps to ensure the nomination appears in the correct genre.

What?!? Not a member of GoodReads? Do you live in a cave? How do you hear about new books? You need to fix this immediately. Head on over to, it only takes a second to sign up and doesn’t cost anything.

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