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THE FOURTH MONKEY Giveaway! Win a Hardcover – Grand Prize = 1 Draft Copy! #4MK

I’ve got a little book coming out on June 27th called, The Fourth Monkey. If you’re reading this page, there is a good chance you’ve already bought it. If not, you can pre-order here.

How would you like to own one of the draft copies?

I’m giving away one below – all you have to do is help get the word out!

Each is unique, one of a kind. Not only do they contain story elements different from the final novel, they’re chock full of handwritten notes (I apologize in advance for my horrible handwriting). If you’re a fan, how cool would it be to own one? If you’re not a fan, well, they’ll fetch a pretty penny on eBay. Either way – winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Click here to Enter

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Good luck!

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